The Wisdom Project

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding…” Proverbs 4:7

As a project adopted by PathNorth, I led a small group of people who committed to spending 15 minutes a day for one month reading through some of the world’s best “wisdom literature”.  I first had the idea of doing this in December 2009.  The entire thing came to fruition by February 2010 (I’ve been in deals where the term sheet took longer.)

The Philly group I led started March 1 and read the 31 chapters of Proverbs during the 31 days of March. Wisdom Project groups were also conducted in Seattle, Nashville, and Washington, DC.  For 2o11, I expect we’ll do something from the Eastern tradition.

Here’s the description of the project.

The Wisdom Project:  Proverbs

The Wisdom Project seeks to gather some deep and reflective people to read through the Book of Proverbs together.  There are three components:

1) Initial Group Meeting:  A few days before the start of the month, the participants gather together one evening to dialogue with each other and to get to know each other better.  This can be done as a dinner or wine event.  At this gathering, everyone will receive a journal book with the Proverbs printed inside.  Also presented are five questions about wisdom that the participants should answer privately at some point before Part 2 begins.

2) Month of Reading:  The participants each privately will read one chapter of Proverbs every day of the month.  At the end of each day’s reading, you are encouraged to write a line or two of reflection about the chapter that you just read.

3) Final Group Meeting: After 31 days of daily reading and journaling, everyone will be given the same five questions again.  This time, you will try to answer the questions based on what Proverbs has said to you about wisdom.  After this, go back and re-read your initial answers and the month of comments that you journaled.  Everyone then gathers a second time as a group to discuss their experience.  Again, this can be a dinner or wine event as the group wishes.

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