Past Topics

Pour Richards held more than seventy events in its eight year history.  Past discussion topics include:

–Will there be Jobs in the Future?

–Who Is the Most Dangerous Person in the World?

–Is Law Enforcement Fundamentally Unfair?

–Is Twitter bad for you?

–Is personal privacy at risk from new technology?

— Is China friend or foe?

–Artificial Intelligence Finally Matters: What Will It Mean to You and Me?

–Is peace possible?

–Homelessness in Philadelphia, with guest Fr. Domenic Rossi, founder of Bethesda Project

–Political parties and today’s gridlock

–Should philanthropy be local?

–Is college worth the cost?

–Are extreme events the new normal?

–Is this a period of progress or decline?

“At the Schoolhouse Door”, with special guest, Bill Milliken, founder of Community in Schools. 

–When can a government kill its own citizens?

Will the Digital Revolution Leave Billions Behind?

Are Factions Hurting the Life of the Nation?

Is growing inequality a problem for government to solve?

What can we really learn from history?

–Can greed be good?

–Should governments nudge their citizens to behave in preferred ways?

–Should violent images be censored?

–The start-up ecosystem of Greater Philadelphia

–The case for optimism

–Change as the one constant

–Should the electoral college be abolished?

–Can entrepreneurship be taught? with guest Pete Musser

–Will universities remain relevant?

China’s relations with the West

–What is the biggest challenge facing the US today?

–Is War Obsolete?

–Does capitalism have an image problem?

–Is the family finished?

Privacy vs. Terrorism: Where Should We Draw the Line?

–MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham jail.

–Lincoln’s leadership style

–Is a Just War Possible in the Age of ISIS?

–Education in America

–Is the Arab Spring a democratic movement?

–What is the future of books?

Are the privacy costs of the surveillance state worth it?

–Can you teach others to be ethical?

–Shackleton’s incredible voyage

Humanity’s effect on the planet

–The US Constitution

–The crisis in healthcare

–Science and religion

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