Guidelines for Discussion

To our first time guests and returning members,prs logo

You are reminded that the art of conversation requires a certain etiquette.  We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your questions, thoughts, and ideas. Similarly, it is important to our group as we practice the art of conversation, to save room at the table for each participant’s reflections  regarding the topic at hand.  There are a few rules which have proved to make the discussions more valuable for all.

–First, we try to let everyone speak once before anyone speaks twice.

–Second, we do not permit divided attention, which in practice means smartphones are put away for the entire time.

–Third, we discuss ideas, not ideologies, and have found the best people suited for inclusion for PRS have inclusive minds themselves.

If you are coming to a PRS event as a first time guest, we want to advise you that membership in Pour Richards is solely at the board’s discretion, and the decision to give a standing invitation to a guest is based on the person’s fit with the group as a whole.  We work to preserve the high quality of discussion and this means following our intuitions when re-inviting guests.

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